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Making the name of Jesus known through films

This ministry was born in their hearts after Vicente made his own testimony that he had shared in his Japanese class. Slowly, he began working on other testimonies and projects for people. As he shared these projects, other churches and ministries became excited. Vicente and Janine prayed about how to best use this skill set and his passion for videography to spread the Gospel and serve the churches and organizations in Japan.

Vicente Alvarado

Living in Tokyo since 2014, he learned the importance of contextualization in this country. He enjoys blending his passion for visuals and storytelling as a way to reach out others. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his 3 daughters and delicious Japanese meals.
Janine Alvarado, GTAC Administrator / アルヴァラド・ジャニン

Janine Alvarado

Janine is from America. She runs much of the behind-the-scenes work to help GTAC run as smoothly as possible, while raising a family in the metro Tokyo area.
Kayo Kinoshita, GTAC translator

Kayo Kinoshita

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan. Kayo moved to California in 1995 and lives with her husband and three daughters. She works as a translation coordinator and a translator. She loves cooking and baking.
坂本司, GTAC team member

Osamu Sakamoto

Team Member
Osamu has a passion for urbex and landscape photography. He also loves reading the Bible and drinking coffee!
大島 華子, GTAC Team Member

Hanako Oshima

Team Member
Hanako is a content creator and web designer. Since receiving the love of Jesus, she is very passionate about outreach.

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