Reaching the unreached

The Gospel Through a Click

At GTAC we create films to reach & engage the unreached

We want to share the stories of those who have found salvation, freedom, healing, hope and a future in the Son of God, Jesus. Every story of the work of God is powerful.

Using content specifically for the Japanese culture, we work together with churches and organizations to help create content that can be used to both connect viewers to a church and in a resource pool for general use.


How we can help you

We create films in these 3 key areas to reach the unreached of Japan.

testimony films

Stories of Japanese people receiving Jesus

The story of what God has done, and Gospel message within it.


Content specifically created for the needs of the church/organization.


What is Life in Japan

Gospel-centered videos that speak to the issues and heart of the Japanese.

Check out below

Our Films

  • I initiated this kind of thing 30 years ago. With this kind of business, when I entered prison, for ...

    Road to Redemption
  • Do you have any life mystery questions? What are they? What's the Gospel?

    Alive to be Loved
  • Who or what decided you would live? What do you do when life takes an unexpected turn? _________...

    Kept Me Alive
  • Is Jesus for you? This is one’s man story. Have you heard of Jesus or Christianity? Have you ev...

    A Different Image
  • Have you ever heard God speak to you? In the Bible, it says, “Call to me and I will answer you.” ...

    Always by Your Side
  • I became aware of the hypocrisy in my heart. A woman who was about to be stoning to dead. When I rea...

    Given Life
  • "Faith and work" Work is from the beginning of the world- from Genesis 1. With the dawn of histor...

    Faith & Work | Impact at Work
  • To know that all the sin I've committed, because Jesus was crucified, is forgiven. When I learned ...

  • Did you know? You are God’s workmanship. You were created with love, made with care. You are a tr...

  • The Bible, in Leviticus 19:26, says, "You shall not eat anything with the blood, nor shall you pract...

  • Sin pays off with death. But God's gift is eternal life given by Jesus Christ our Lord. [Romans 6...

    The Greatest Gift
  • My way had been to base my identity on what I did. Therefore, my life was to be evaluated by others...

    Striving for Success
  • 私だけのストーリーじゃない
    Will you tell me your story?

    Not Just My Story
  • I hadn't understood the meaning of life, I was wandering around in life. It had been so painful. I...

    To Live
  • こういうわけで、いつまでも残るものは信仰と希望と愛です。その中で一番すぐれているのは愛です。 コリント人への手紙 第一 13章13...

    Changed by His Love
  • Mr Inagaki returned back to Japan about a year and a half after God turned his life around. Achievem...

    True Satisfaction

Don’t just take our word for it

What are people saying?

GTAC understands precisely the message which we want to convey. Their videos, produced on the basis of their professional skills and love for Jesus, are amazing!
GTAC does great work. They are easy to work with and aim to glorify God, support the church, reach more people with the gospel. It was awesome.
It was my first time shooting, so I was nervous. It took less time than I had imagined. Vicente made the instructions accurate and easy, so it was very easy to do.
Kouki, GTAC testimonial
Kouki Akatsu
Story Partner
I am grateful not just for a great filmmaker, but for a person who is passionate about God making videos. I definitely recommend GTAC!
Yodai, GTAC testimonial
Yodai Nakamura
Story Partner
In particular, I am convinced that video will be one of the wonderful missionary tools that can work effectively while giving young people a reliable and good image.
Qsang Lee, Japan Campus Crusade, Tokyo Campus Director
Qsang Lee
Japan Campus Crusade, Tokyo Campus Director

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